YEAR 4: We’re still getting the same great Group Rates with Silver Mountain again this year – prices are $10 off the normal group rate for each ticket, and about half of normal price.

This Silver Mountain special group rate is open to anyone from Immaculate Conception Church or their friends and family.

This is not an official ICC-organized activity. This offer is open to anyone from IC Church or their close friends / family.

This group rate is $10 below the normal GROUP rate, and is offered by Silver Mountain to ICC each year due to our good customer and volunteer relationship with them, so help us keep it by following the rules and supporting them!

Liability is the responsibility of each skier, snowboarder or guardian (for minors). Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian if under 16. Be prepared to say who that guardian is if you get hurt. Not just “I’m here with some friends.”

Please arrange your own rides. Parents, check your child for proper warm clothing and gear. Bring goggles. Watch out for mooses (meese). Ski hill may be slippery. Weather may be cold. Or absolutely perfect. In other words, we’re just working together so we get great rates and can ski/ride with friends!

Youth Lift Ticket

$ 26.50

AGES: 7-17

Regular Price: $45

Youth Lift Ticket + Rentals

$ 47.75

AGES: 7-17

Regular Price: $75

Adult Lift Ticket

$ 42.50

AGES: 18+

Regular Price: $62

Adult Lift Ticket + Rentals

$ 70.00

AGES: 18+

Regular Price: $97

Gondola ride-only tickets can be purchased at the ticket window at Silver. We get no additional discount for those.

Rentals are a ripoff. Go buy some skis off ebay and you just paid for one day of rentals 🙂



STEP 1) Fill out the form below for the tickets you need, and calculate the total.

STEP 2) Drop off this form, plus check or cash to Tom’s office: 607 E. 6th Ave across I-90 from church. Place into the envelope on the wall by the stairs, or just hand it to me upstairs if I’m there. Office is open daily 7-5. Make checks out to “Tom Latham”. I then write one check to Silver Mt as they require. You can also pay by credit card through Stripe – contact me to arrange that.

STEP 3) I submit the order to Silver Mountain at 2PM of the WEDNESDAY deadline, then pick them up on Thursday. I then place them in an envelope on the bulletin board in the church vestibule by 6PM Thursday. I‘ll contact you when they are placed there.

In some cases, I may need to pick up tickets the morning of the ski day, if I can’t get to Silver on Thursday of that week. In that case, I will then meet you at the Silver gondola base. I will text and email you if this situation occurs.

STEP 4) Pick up your tickets either from the vestibule Thursday after 6PM (or at the base of Silver the morning of – see above). Tickets are labeled with names. Only grab someone else’s ticket if they asked you to do so! Show up at Silver with your lift ticket(s) on the date, and head up the gondola. If you ordered rentals, your lift ticket will also serve as your voucher for skis, boots, poles, board, etc. Rentals are at the top.


We scheduled 4 dates for this year. We are asked to have at least half of our days on weekdays, so we chose the two school vacations for those. One day in each.

January 11 – Saturday

DEADLINE: Wed Jan 9 @ 2PM

January 25 – Saturday

DEADLINE: Wed Jan 22 @ 2PM

February 21 – Friday (vacation)

DEADLINE: Wed Feb 19 @ 2PM

March 14 – Saturday

DEADLINE: Wed Mar 11 @ 2PM

A note on injuries when minors (under 18) are skiing.

With a few kids getting injured skiing/snowboarding recently, I thought I’d give some insight on how the process goes when a minor (under 18) gets injured while skiing without their parent present. (Don’t worry! Injuries are actually rare – I’ve skiied 40 years with zero injuries, and our family of 9 skiers over 14 years has had one.)

The following is the case for all ski areas, but more specifically to Silver Mountain and the gondola.

If Ski Patrol responds to a call and feels that the injury is life threatening, or serious enough to bypass the Aid Room, they will take the patient directly down the gondola. They are then legally required to hand the patient off to an equal or higher level of care. So they MUST hand the patient off to Shoshone County EMS, who are always called any time Ski Patrol takes a patient down the gondola.

*** This costs you, the parent, hundreds of dollars for a 3 block ambulance ride to Shoshone Medical, just across I-90 when the child could have just been driven there by a family member or guardian. 
Note that Ski Patrol care is always free (included in your lift ticket price), but EMS at the bottom is not!

While you should normally take the medical advice of Ski Patrol, who are trained with an EMT equivalent, you do always have the option of refusing care if you feel that it is not needed.

If you are an adult: You can refuse treatment on the hill, or you can ask for treatment but then refuse to be taken down the gondola – you just leave and go down on your own, then on to urgent care. Thirdly, you can be both treated AND be taken down the gondola by Ski Patrol, but ultimately refuse treatment from Shoshone EMS at the bottom with no additional charge. They just leave, and this happens regularly. The refusal is to the EMS, not the Ski Patrol. But this only works when YOU – an adult – are present.

If it is a minor: This is where the situation gets trickier. If you are with your child and they get hurt, you can follow the same procedures above and make those decisions for them, and it works the same.

But if your minor child went skiing by themselves, went with a friend, or you ARE there but on the other side of the mountain from them and you don’t know what’s happening, Ski Patrol will make those decisions if the injury is life threatening or serious, while at the same time trying to reach you. But if the child is blacked out, concussed, screaming in pain, etc. they’re going to just go ahead and treat and get the patient to EMS asap. The minor child can NOT refuse care from the EMS at the bottom, therefore resulting in hundreds of dollars in cost to you, the parent.

Make sure you review these options with members of your family so you have a gameplan if someone gets hurt. Also have the guardian that your child is going with – friend, older brother, sister, etc. – be aware of these options too, and try to ski in a general vicinity of each other so you can be quickly reached.

Enjoy some pics of Silver Mountain, because, hey – why not? Web pages are free!