Team and Individual Results will be posted here by All Saints Day, November 1.

The SSPX High Schools Invitational
National Cross Country Meet

“Virtual” Meet hosted by Immaculate Conception Academy, Post Falls


This is a “virtual” cross country meet with each SSPX high school forming a team of their best runners and timing them on a flat, paved course.


To foster school pride (and a healthy rivalry!) and to compete for the greater glory of God.


Any boy currently enrolled in grades 9-12 in an SSPX school.


You can set up your time to run on any day, at any time during the second or third week of October. All results need to be turned in by Oct 31.


The high school Cross Country race distance is 5K (3.1 miles). Your coach can easily map out the distance with our help. The course should be flat and on pavement or gravel. An oval track is fine, as well as any quiet neighborhood streets or a country road. Typically, cross country courses are run on hilly golf courses or park trails, but to be consistent among all SSPX schools, we will do flat, hard surfaces for this meet.


Any coach, principal, teacher or volunteer parent can be the “coach” for this event. It is up to your school to choose someone to time the run and submit the results.


All results will be emailed to ICA to be compiled onto a results web page, which will then be published.


Cross Country is both an individual and a team sport, so even if you have one high school student, he can still compete as an individual.

Individual Scoring: After times are submitted, all of the runners from all schools will be ranked from 1st place on down. There is no limit to how many runners can participate.

Team Scoring: Each team’s first 7 runners are ranked, with the first 5 runners counting towards the team score. The first 5 runners’ placement = that number of points. For example, the first place runner gets a score of 1 for their school, the second place runner gets a score of 2 for their school, and so on, up to the 5th runner for each school. The other two runners (#6 and #7 don’t count in score but help to bump the other runners into lower placements.) The lowest score wins.


Map out a flat, paved distance of 5 Kilometers (or 5,000 Meters or 3.106 Miles).

A vehicle odometer is NOT accurate enough for measuring detailed distance. A bicycle with an odometer is good, as is a surveying measuring wheel (which most people do not have access to).

Second best is a phone GPS on foot (such as or mapping software (again, we use for that too). If you don’t have an account with them, you can alternatively use You can even use Google Maps. Right-click your starting spot, then click “Measure” and keep clicking along a path.

It’s best to do a single out-and-back to be the most accurate, but 2 or 3 laps on a looped route will also work.

When using an online mapping tool, make sure to zoom in all the way and set it to Satellite. That way you can visually see the route you are mapping, for example, keeping to the inside edge of a loop where a runner would go (vs a car). This will be accurate down to about 3 feet (about a second) on a straight out-and-back course.

You can also go to a high school or college track (not a track at a middle school or park – they’re shorter) and do 12.5 laps in Lane 1. You’ll see the start and stop lines at the beginnings of the straightaways going counter clockwise.

Or… If you need us to map a route for you, call us!


Email all results to: We will compile all of the times and rank them on this web page by All Saints Day, November 1st. If the reception of this idea is good, we can continue it for future years!


Tom Latham, ICA Cross Country Coach