The Route


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Centennial Trail, River and Lake

2022 Update: Note the Friday Campsite Location change below.

ROUTE NOTES: From ICC through Post Falls, the route is flat on the paved Centennial Trail. The trail follows Interstate 90 on the trail and has gentle hills. Next, you pass through Riverstone, following the Spokane River, and reach CdA City Park. The route then heads west through CdA, and turns south on the Trail along CdA Lake Drive. For the next 2 hours, the views of Lake CdA are breathtaking. The first major hill on the trail is Bennett Bay Hill, which you head back down to reach Higgens Point. At this point, the paved trail ends and we continue on a dirt trail, eventually reaching a gravel road. This road takes you around Blue Creek Bay, up the tallest hill of the day, then back down to Lake CdA and Wolf Lodge Road. From there, you walk a few more miles on paved roads, past horse forms, and finally leading to the campsite at Edge Creek Ranch, tucked back in Wolf Lodge Valley.

DRIVING DIRECTIONS  2022 Update: The campsite is no longer off Searchlight Rd, but approximately a half mile closer, at Edge Creek Ranch.

See “Carpools and Shuttles” info at the bottom of the Beginners Guide page.

I-90,  take Exit 22 (Harrison Road Exit).
Turn left at top of off-ramp. Cross highway, turn right onto the frontage road.
Continue 0.5 miles to Wolf Creek Lodge Road – turn left.
Proceed 1.7 miles to a “Y” with Alder Creek Rd.
Turn Left at the Y, continuing on Wolf Creek Lodge Road.
Continue approx. 1/4 mile.
Edge Creek Ranch is the second property on the left.
Look for a large barn and small bridge across a creek.
Continue through the property, turning right to the field.
Parking is available in the field.


Bitterroot Mountains and Challenging Terrain

ROUTE NOTES: The day begins from the Wolf Lodge campsite, and within 2 miles the paved road turns to gravel. Now the ascent begins up to the top of 4th of July Pass. The route crosses the I-90 overpass, then continues on forest service roads to the lunch spot near the summit of Killarney Peak, and the highest point of the day. After lunch, the route moves to an off-road hiking trail. At this point, no strollers/baby joggers can continue on, and no Aid Van support is available. Anyone wishing to take the Aid Van back to the Rose Lake camp is now welcome to at this time. All water must be packed in by Pilgrims and bathrooms must be found privately on the trail. Towards the end of the day, the massive descent of 1,000 feet within 2 miles leads you to a paved road at Rose Lake. A short walk from there leads you to the Rose Lake campsite, with a view of the lake.


See “Carpools and Shuttles” info at the bottom of the Beginners Guide page.

I-90, over 4th of July Pass
Take the Rose Lake Exit #34
Right on Hwy 3
First Right on Doyle Creek Rd
Approx 3 miles to campsite (field) on Right


Rolling Farmland of the Coeur d’Alene River Valley

ROUTE NOTES: This route is the most suitable for strollers/baby joggers, and since it is short, is the best day for children or older pilgrims. The day begins with a walk along Rose Lake, then crosses into rolling farmland, a short walk through a deep cedar grove, and a short travel along the banks of the CdA River. The last several miles follow a straight paved road until the Mission is in sight! It’s just a short walk from there until you reach the goal of your journey.